Commercial Stock on West Coast

We recently significantly increased our inventory to accommodate most of the commercial products offered.


Pump Accessories:  Suction Diffusers and Multi-Purpose Valves up to 6"

4900 Air/Dirt Separators: 3" - 6"

CA/CBX/CX/PAX Expansion Tanks:  up to Model 300 sizes

KV Pumps:  Most models up to a 4" connection size

FI Pumps: Most models up to a 4" connection size


We have these in stock at great prices with quick lead times.


Taco has a full-range of hydronic equipment and accessories for both residential and commercial applications.

Water Circulation Pumps
Wet Rotor Circulators, In-Line Pumps, Vertical Pumps, Vertical Turbine Pumps, Vertical Multistage Pumps, Base Mounted/Close Coupled Pumps, Horizontal Split Case, Pump Accessories, Pro-Fit Part, Vertical Split Case Pumps

Hydronic Accessories
Zone and Flow Control Valves, WAGS Valve, Pressure & Mixing Valves, Flow Measurement, Fittings, LoadMatch Thermostats, Hydraulic Separator, Buffer Tanks

Air Elimination & Control 
Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, Air Vents

Heat Transfer Products
U & Straight Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Brazed Heat Exchangers, Double Wall Heat Exchangers, Tank Heating Units

Electronic Controls
Zone Controls, Switching Relays, Zone Valve Control, PowerPort Cards, Add-On Power Controls, Low Water Cutoff, Hydro Air Fan Control, Priority Zoning Circulator

Variable Speed Products
Advantage Variable Speed Drives, 1900VFD

iWorx by Taco Electronic Solutions
Powerful, web-based, easily-scalable building management, monitoring and control system designed specifically for the light commercial buildings - up to 50,000 sq ft - and high-end residential markets.