Weishaupt - High efficiency burners


WM Monarch® Burners
Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel burners
Reliability, technological longevity and the clear layout of all the components are the hallmarks of these tried and tested Monarch® burners and the further developed industrial burners. Dual fuel changeover is effected automatically without the need for manual intervention at the burner. More Info


W Burners
Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel burners
All the components in W series burners are brought together in a compact unit. The fuel/air regulation devices are clearly laid out and easily accessible. Digital combustion management controls the fuel/air ratio and ensures the burners precisely follow the predetermined sequence of operations More Info

Large Burners
Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel burners
Digital Combustion Management
These burners are a new generation of commercial/industrial burners with additional features. The burner range is suitable for almost all types of heating and process applications. More Info