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Armstrong Steam-A-ware™ Sizing and Selection Software and Product Catalog In addition to steam traps, you are now able to size and select pressure/temperature controls, pumping traps and water heaters. You will be led through an easy-to-use interface to the right product for the right application. Steam-A-ware includes the complete Armstrong Solution Source handbook and links to an individual page when a specific product model has been selected. In addition, submittal drawings, typical application drawings and manuals for installation and operation/maintenance are just a click away.

Armstrong Humid-A-ware™

Humidification Sizing and Selection Software
The program asks a series of questions. As you respond to these—often with a single keystroke—Humid-A-ware software can:
Calculate humidification load
Indicate psychrometric properties of air
Determine correct humidifier model number
Calculate non-wetting distance
Create and customize equipment and data schedule

Virtual College of Steam and Condensate Systems
Armstrong University provides an online learning environment enabling team members to access modules covering topics from steam basics and water hammer to condensate drainage and piping principles. Armstrong University is a one-stop resource for quick research on steam systems, answers to steam system questions and comprehensive online steam system education.

Armstrong University Calculators and Tools
Annual Savings by Returning Condensate, Flash Steam Calculator, Steam Loss Calculator, Steam Energy Loss/Environmental Impact, Steam Tables