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Industrial steam is the leading manufacturer of 0.005 cc/l pressurized and atmospheric deaerators. Along with the time-tested proven spray-type and tray-type designs, Industrial Steam manufacturers a unique line of dual compartment systems that provide 100% guaranteed performance that is unmatched in the deaerating industry.



It is these innovations in the design of deaerating system and understanding of the controls that operate deaerators, and other never ending quest to satisfy and help their customers, that truly set Industrial steam apart.
Other Industrial steam produces include boiler blowdown systems, high pressure condensate systems, and we steam accumulators.   More Info


Tray Type Deaerator
Counter Flow Tray type deaerators are capable of accepting high percentages of condensate returns without adverse effects on performance. . This is possible because the deaeration process does not require a flow of steam for scrubbing. All second stage scrubbing is done by the cascading process through the trays. More Info


Jet Spray Deaerator
The Jet Spray deaerator provides excellent performance utilizing the high velocity incoming steam to atomize makeup water and pumped returns. This superior spray-type design directs the cleanest incoming steam to scrub out the last traces of oxygen from the cleanest water. More Info


Steam Flow Pressurized Deaerator
Industrial Steam's exclusive constant recycling feature, and the use of a partitioned receiver, provide the advantages of a two-tank deaerator system as a single package. More Info